Why I'm Running

My wife Carrie and I chose to live in League City back in 2004, after working in Kansas City for 8 years. At the time, our daughter was graduating from school in Kansas and our oldest son was just a toddler but we knew CCISD was the place for us and resembled the community that we were coming from. And like you we moved here as the district and local community offers so much opportunity. I am committed to continue the success of the district. 

So far during my time in office the following has been accomplished:

  • Reduction of taxes by 9 cents.
  • Helped alleviate overcrowding conditions at schools in District 5 by getting a much needed bond passed
  • Increased teacher salaries
  • Returned students to school safely by serving on the Safely Reopening Committee in the summer of 2020
  • And helped increase opportunities for more children by advocating for Magnet programs that mirror other parts of our district
  • Advocated that the the district test all elementary children for the Gifted/Talented program so that all students have a chance to be identified. 
  • Continue to ensure the fiscal transparency and responsibility that has afforded the highest ratings by the state of Texas for the past 13+ years. 

I need your support in order to continue to do the following:

  • Expand our CTE offering and ensure that the state recognizes all of our expanded offerings for credit certification.  
  • Protect our Teacher to Student ratio and help minimize the amount of exceptions requested by the district.
  • Continue to advocate for resources as the Western portion of our district continues to expand.
  • Ensure that communications on all things school related happen in an effective manner.


The views and opinions expressed by Jay Cunningham are those of him and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Resideo/Honeywell Home.

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